Ken's furnace failed prematurely after an improper installation. We removed the existing furnace and reinstalled a new one. Ken's home is now more comfortable and more efficient with a properly sized and isntalled furnace
On this jobsite we replaced an improperly installed HRV unit.

We were involved in Andy Partell's ongoing renovation project. It started with brand new plumbing from the city connection all through the basement, and ended with completely new HVAC through the whole house. We were proud to provide Andy with some comprehensive advice and excellent workmanship. 

Lyle and Debbie shared their experience after Trusted Plumbing and Heating completed their bathroom renovation.    This one is extra special because we did a top of the line custom tile shower for Lyle & Debbie and we are very proud at how this turned out.

Janice shares her experience with Trusted Plumbing and Heating.  We replaced a furnace and helped make sure her shop and showroom were safe and comfortable work areas.

Janice is a well-known artist and she makes some pretty awesome stuff. If you are interested in checking out her business please look up Sisters’ Stepping Stones & Glass