Building New? We can help you with that!

Trusted Plumbing and Heating Inc can tackle all types of new construction plumbing projects. First of all our promise is to do high quality work. Because we feel it brings the best customer satisfaction. We are very detailed in the way we plan out our work. Therefore it saves our Journeyman time. Once our crew arrives on site we can complete your plumbing work in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

What makes us different is our experience, industry leading knowledge, and high quality workmanship. As a result our very high standards and attention to detail is unmatched. We have worked on many building projects from million dollar homes, to commercial buildings, and industrial sites. Because of this wide range of experience we are able to handle any standard model to the most detailed custom design.

Correct planning of your new plumbing or heating system is especially important. Because it will save you time and frustration. While the build process can be lengthy and complex we can meet with you at any stage to provide expert advice. This is especially important to get the lowest cost and best system possible. Make sure to call us first because it will get you the right start for your project.  Looking forward to earning your trust.

Projects that we can tackle:


  • Rough installation of drain and vent systems

  • Rough installation of water supply and distribution systems (Conventional Tee System and Continuous Pressure Manifold System)

  • Plumbing fixture install and finishing trim work (Sinks, Tubs, Showers, Toilets, Taps, Dishwashers, Garburators, Water Softeners, Water Treatment Equipment, and Shut-Off Valves)

  • Rural plumbing systems (Septic fields, tanks, well pressure systems, and well pumps)


  • Rough installation of gas lines (Branch Lines and Appliance Supply Connections)

  • Furnace installation

  • Water heater installation (Power vent and Tank less)

  • Underground gas line installation

  • Fireplace installation

  • Garage heater installation

  • Air exchanger and HRV installation

  • Assemble and install duct packages

  • Fabricate custom sheet metal